Georgia ODP State Pools Announced for 2001, 2002, 2003 Girls

Following the state ODP try-outs for the 2001, 2002, and 2003 girls age groups, Georgia Soccer has announced the player pools for the upcoming year.

As always, the state is free to add players to the pools as the program moves forward, but here are the lists as they stand following try-outs last week.

2001 Girls State ODP Pool

Bjorgan, Savannah
Campbell, Cassidy
Carter, Emma
Caruso, Brittany
Davidson, Rachel
Gary, Tula
Hedrick, Elizabeth
Hunt, Catey
Kelley, Trinity
Lawrence, Savannah
McBride, Riley
Miller, Tariah
Moore, Kennedy
Morrison, Maileigh
Oliver, Taylor
O’Neill, Annie
Pantano, Channing
Scoggins, Audrey
Stewart, Emma
Teal, Abigail
Thomas, Cassidi
Veliz, Madison
Yi, Stephanie

2002 Girls State Pool

Allen, Heather
Anderson, Bethany
Aviles, Vanessa
Botwinik, Lauren
Cook, Kendall
Crowe, Emma
Dzenis, Skylar
Evans, Sara
Galbraith, Katellyn
Gardner, Hayden
Hale, Rachel
Hart, Brooke
Innis, Denae
Jenkins, Ryleigh
Kasel, Morgan
Listenbee, Sanaa
Martinez, Jailyne
Messina, Camille
Miller, Madolyn
Neau, Marianna
Pashkovets, Alexis
Phillips, Grace
Pinto, Bianca
Reeder, Evee
Rodenroth, Elizabeth
Romero, Vanessa
Ruiz, Deborah
Schwartz, Abby
Thompson, Chloe
Walraven, Averi

2003 Girls State Pool

Akemon, Lauren
Asher, Graysen
Barnes, Lauren
Bell, Lindsay
Castelo, Olivia
Castillo, Serenity
Cucchi, Callan
Dabney, Asia
Drew, Kyleigh
Edge, Emma
Eison, Abigail
Fierle, Kaitlyn
Foote, Caitlin
Frye, Ashley
Gagliano, Mary Jane
Gonzalez, Natalie
Guadagno, Adriana Karen
Hardwick, Carmen
Harvey, Sydney
Haven, Jayla
Juarez, Judith
Kennelly, MacKenzie
LeClair, Avery
Libman, Sofia
McMillian, Kalyn
Mullins, Dani
Nichols, Kaylah
Prince, Anna
Sard, Brooke
Tewell, Emily
Tosaki, Isabella
Wilbert, Kendra
Worrell, Nia

Congratulations to all the girls.

The remaining girls player pools will be announced following the State try-out on September 13th.

The boys player pools will be released after their State try-out on September 24th.


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